Join Britain's most Successful Entrepreneurs Who Turn To Chris Cardell To Grow Their Businesses by 50% to 250%


For 20 years Chris Cardell has been helping business owners increase their sales and profits, implement outstanding Marketing and protect their businesses from the economy...


Grateful business owners all over Britain have tried in vain to pin a neat label on Chris Cardell. He’s been called an Internet genius... The UK’s #1 Marketing Wizard... The King of Online Media... and much more.

Monday may find him consulting with a major investment brokerage...

Tuesday fine-tuning a million pound advertising campaign for a top communications company...

Wednesday, in America, speaking to 800 business owners who’ve paid over £1000 apiece to be in the audience.

Chris Cardell and Robert DeNiro

Sir Bob Geldof was a special guest at Chris Cardell’s Entrepreneur Summit

But Chris Cardell’s great gift is to be able to translate leading edge Marketing, Sales and Internet Marketing information into simple, step by step processes that any business owner can use to get the type of results you’ve been speaking about.

What also sets Chris apart is his understanding of Advanced Thinking – the dramatic breakthroughs of recent years in knowledge on how the mind works – and how to duplicate the mindset and thinking strategies of the world’s great achievers.

Ultimately, smart Entrepreneurs from across the world flock to Chris Cardell because he makes them wealthy – in many cases, very wealthy. Now he wants to do the same for you.

Chris’s Mission: To Turn Vision Into Reality

Chris Cardell has taken the UK Entrepreneurial world by storm by helping business owners of all kinds multiply their profits easily, quickly and with less risk than they’re taking now. Chris Cardell is motivated by a deep, abiding faith in Entrepreneurship. And a concerned respect for business people everywhere.

As Chris says:

“If you own a business, you’ve already set yourself apart from the herd. Just with that one act, you tell the world that you’re a visionary and that you have the guts to make your vision reality. You deserve respect and admiration for that. And you deserve every financial reward, too. And in today’s tough economy, you deserve all the help you can get. If by sharing what I’ve learned, I can help you turn your vision into reality, then I’ve fulfilled my mission".

For the past two decades, Chris Cardell has only made his most advanced strategies available to business owners who paid up to £2000 to attend his live events, or paid him £60,000 plus for personal consulting.

Just Listen to What Chris Cardell’s Powerful Success Principles Have Done for Businesses Like YOURS!



  • 1

    We’ll lift your Website above the competition

    Most websites do an ineffective job of getting visitors and an even worse job of converting those visitors to paying customers. We’re going to position your site in a totally different way. Not only will you be able to attract all the traffic you need. We’ll make sure that your conversion and sales rates are five to ten times the industry average.

  • 2

    We’ll simplify everything about your Internet Marketing

    Everyone is trying to confuse you about online ­marketing. The truth is, there are a handful of key areas for your to focus on – and if you do a good job of that, you will have an immediate competitive advantage. I’m going to show you how to simplify your internet marketing – and get it running on automatic pilot.

  • 3

    We’ll uncover hidden opportunities in your website

    While you might want to make big changes to your ­website, there are many easy and small changes that can make a big difference. Just changing the wording on your homepage can increase sales by 20% to 40% Knowing how and where to position video can take an under ­performing site and turn it into a profitable one. Together we’ll implement the proven strategies that work

  • 4

    We’ll make sure that you’re using the power of Email to maximise your profits.

    Email marketing is one of the best and most profitable ways to grow your business – because it’s FREE. But there are costly mistakes that must be avoided with Email marketing. I’ll show you how to build a good email list, how to write emails that work, when to send emails and how to make sure that your emails are opened and read. There is an art and a science to Email marketing and once you’ve mastered it, your sales will soar.

  • 5

    We’ll get Google and Facebook working for you

    For many business owners, Google remains the best source of new customers. Someone who searches on Google is the best type of customer because they are actively looking to spend money on what you sell. It’s essential that your website is there when they search. Pay per Click advertising on Google Adwords is a must for any business serious about rapid growth. I’ll show you how and why I’ve spent two and a half million pounds of my own money of Adwords – and how can use Google to transform your ability to get new ­customers. Plus I’ll show you the two things you MUST be doing on Facebook to keep your Facebook customers happy.

  • 6

    We’ll get a 24/7 stream of traffic to your website

    How many methods do your use to get new ­customers to your website? Most businesses only use one. You should be using at least seven – ideally ten or more. In the enclosed message, I’ll share with you the best ways to attract new customers – used by the world’s fastest growing businesses.

  • 7

    We’ll convert that traffic into paying customers

    Everyone thinks that success online is about getting people to your website. It’s actually very easy to get ­people to your site. The real challenge is converting those visitors into paying customers. I’ll show you precisely how to do it and why your current website is almost certainly losing you huge amounts of business.

These are just some of the UK Businesses who’ve turned to Chris Cardell for his invaluable advice...