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Speed Marketing Programme

This is the core element of your Speed Marketing and Business Strength system. Your complete guide to marketing success in this powerful video seminar collection which you can watch from the comfort of your home or office, or while travelling on a laptop or phone.

Each of the seven Video Seminars takes you through a core element of the success strategies that have created financial freedom for the business owners just like you. From a proven system to attract customers 24/7, to the complete

guide to making your website profitable, everything you need to know about topics including Email marketing, Google and Facebook marketing, direct mail and the world’s most advanced sales techniques to dramatically improve your profits.

The Speed Marketing Video Seminar set is a MUST HAVE if you’re serious about protecting your business from this dangerous economy – and creating the success and profits you deserve.

Send me Speed Marketing and my FREE Bonuses

Internet Mastery Programme

Internet Mastery is a series of 5 Online Video Seminars with Chris Cardell taking you step-by-step from a-to-z in transforming the profitability of your website, or if you want setting up and turning on your very own “online store” as a business. You will become a master of online marketing using as many of the 27 “blueprints” you like for attracting people to your site.

This is your complete guide to ending your online frustrations and turning your website into a 24/7 profit machine for your business. By the time you’ve finished,

you’ll know more about internet marketing than your web designer. Chris will show you how to bring customers to any local business – fast. Confused about Google, search engine marketing, Facebook, social media etc?

You'll see how it all works and the SIMPLE methods for maximising your profits from each. In this economy, you just can’t risk running a business without this knowledge.

Plus, to accelerate your business success, I’ll send you these special FREE bonuses:


7 Ways to Increase Your Prices Without Losing Customers – FREE Guide

Normal Price $197 – Yours FREE. Immediate Online Access

HOW TO SELL AT PRICES HIGHER THAN YOUR COMPETITORS AND HIGHER THAN YOU BELIEVE POSSIBLE. This special report is a blueprint for superior profitability, making your business stronger, your income greater. Most business owners SUFFER FROM TWO FALSE BELIEFS: one, the way to sell more and get more customers is to discount and drop prices; two, the only way to increase income is to increase sales. But the TRUTH is that cutting your prices can destroy your business. DON’T DO IT. The bottom line matters more than the top line, and THE SECRET is that brilliantly executed marketing can create “price elasticity” where you get to charge what you deserve, even if it’s significantly more than your competitors. (Look out for strategy#3 in this special report which tells you precisely how to do it)


Essential Website Profit Strategies - Free Guide

Normal Price $197 – Yours FREE. Immediate Online Access

If you have a web site, you’re probably disappointed and frustrated with its performance and results. It was supposed to change everything, but it likely changed precious little! This is the solution: truly effective internet marketing de-mystified, made clear and straightforward and simple. These are the exact techniques that consistently increase traffic, visitors converted to buyers, and increase online profits. Web Site Design Essentials no web designer knows, so you can direct the design or re-design of your site as a productive marketing tool (not as just a pretty brochure). + E-Mail Success Essentials – ingenious ways to double, then redouble your online sales or bring more customers to your business with e-mail that gets opened, read and responded to. If you’ve ever struggled to get visitors to your website, or convert those visitors into paying customers, this special report is a must.


12 Powerful Referral Strategies - Free Guide

Normal Price $297 – Yours FREE. Immediate Online Access

HOW TO HARNESS THE POWERFUL FORCE OF FREE CUSTOMERS FROM REFERRALS. A blueprint for multiplying customers – so each one provides others and your business grows organically, quickly and inexpensively. 10 customers who each provide 2 more in the first month, who each provide 2 more in the second month, etc. gets you to more than SIX HUNDRED customers in just 6 months! This is called INTERNAL DIRECT-RESPONSE MARKETING, and it can give you growth without added advertising expense – in fact, you can spend SPEND LESS ON ADVERTISING than you do now but attract more customers than you do now…which basically provides a pay raise. Know this: most business owners get some referrals simply because they deliver as promised and satisfy their customers. But these are accidental referrals, that represent a small fraction of what’s possible. Remember my earlier “lecture” about SYSTEMS. When you put in place a SYSTEM FOR MAXIMUM REFERRALS based on the 12 Strategies in


The Millionaire Mind – Exclusive Audio Seminar

Normal Price $350 – Yours FREE. Immediate Online Access

You’ve always had it within you and within your power to dramatically multiply your sales and profits, to convert your creative ideas into success, but there ARE unseen internal belief-system and emotional roadblocks affecting us all. In THE MILLIONAIRE MIND, a system for unleashing your true potential is presented. I am one of the top Advanced Thinking and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainers in the world, although I do not choose to practice professionally. With this and other methodologies, I get to the “core” of the mental and emotional self-sabotage in peoples’ lives, and to the key thought-processes that liberate people to achieve goals they’ve given up on, at speed they can’t possibly imagine. On this exclusive Audio Seminar, I’ll take you inside The Millionaire Mind.


21 Success Principles Of The Millionaire Entrepreneurs - Free Guide

Over the last two decades, I’ve been privileged to spend time with some of the world’s most successful Millionaire Entrepreneurs. Some are household names: Sir Richard Branson, Anita Roddick, Martha Stewart, Simon Woodroffe etc. But many are less well known, yet still extraordinary individuals who’ve achieved that rare status of ‘Entrepreneur Millionaire’. Over those 20 years, I have identified the key 21 traits these high achievers have in common. Adapting any one of these principles in your life can have a major impact – using all of them will be transformative for you. This is a FREE GIFT BOOKLET, yours to keep even if you should decide this System isn’t for you. It cannot be purchased in any bookstore or online – it is exclusively yours only with this offer. I should add that these principles have personally made me millions.


Free Bonus One Month’s Free Membership Of My Private Members Group – The Chris Cardell Vip Inner Circle

My VIP Inner Circle is how I stay connected with you across the year, so that you are at the leading edge of Entrepreneurial excellence. You’ll receive my 24 page Business Breakthroughs newsletter in the mail every month, plus exclusive online seminars, a monthly Q and A call with me – and access to the VIP Inner Circle Private Members Group on Facebook, where you can interact with me and our other members across the world. While membership of similar groups are often in the $200 - $500 per month range, we keep our membership fees deliberately low at just $77 per month. But along with your Speed Marketing System, you’ll get a month’s membership FREE.

Send me Speed Marketing and my FREE Bonuses