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VIP Inner Circle Recession Immunisation Programme

In the weeks and months ahead the VIP Inner Circle will become the focal point of our work together to ensure that you survive the Recession and emerge thriving.

Your membership of Chris Cardell’s VIP Inner Circle now includes our Recession Immunisation Programme. If you are not currently a member, be sure to join the VIP Inner Circle now. You will receive:

  • Full Access to our Recession Immunisation Coaching calls. Each week we will focus on a key element of protecting your business from the downturn and strengthening your business.
  • Full Access to all Seminar Recordings
  • Membership of the Private Members Group on Facebook where you can interact with our community and support fellow members
  • Access to Chris Cardell on the VIP Private Members Group
  • Monthly 24 Page Business Breakthroughs Newsletter. Known as ‘The £10,000 Newsletter it’s packed with advanced strategies for business success
  • The latest breakthroughs in Online Marketing including Google Ads and Facebook Marketing
  • Exclusive Online Seminars and Videos
YES, Give me 30 Days VIP Membership for just £1

*For business owners who are not currently a VIP member