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Your Prices - How to Charge What you Deserve and Raise Your Prices without losing Customers

Charging the 'right' price and having your customers happy to pay that price is one of the big business challenges. But many businesses are simply not charging enough for the value that they offer. In this two part seminar, Chris shows you how to ensure that you are charging what you deserve to be paid, plus how to increase your Prices without losing customers.

Britain's leading authority on Marketing, Chris Cardell

As a member of Chris Cardell’s VIP Inner Circle, you get access to the world’s most effective strategies to grow your business and increase your profits. Your VIP Inner Circle membership includes a monthly CD mailed directly to you, together with information and reports on Advanced Marketing, Sales and Internet Marketing strategies.

You also receive exclusive access to Chris’s online seminars, videos and articles. Plus, you receive a substantial discount to Chris Cardell’s annual Entrepreneur Summit.

Chris Cardell is renowned for being able to show success driven business owners how to increase their profits by 50-250%. He has been featured on BBC, ITV, News at Ten and The Sunday Times. Chris Cardell is your direct access to everything you need to safeguard your business and increase your Entrepreneurial Wealth.