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This is Chris Cardell. Welcome to the Free Guide that you requested – which we will also send to you in the post. You are about to discover a series of powerful strategies to help you grow your business, whether you are well established, or a start up.

This page has been created to be easy to read on a mobile phone. So if you’re on a mobile, just scroll away because you’re about to discover some secret approaches to business success that will blow your mind.

So here are the seven essential strategies to get more customers into your business - fast

Essential Marketing Profit Strategy 1 –
Make These Urgent Changes To Your Website

Is your web designer destroying your business?

If your website looks like everyone else’s, the answer could well be ‘Yes.’

Here is the single most important fact you need to know about getting customers online.

It’s a simple but scary statistic.

Grasp the importance of this – and you will never think about business or your website in the same way.

Here it is:

50% of people leave the websites they visit within 8 seconds of arriving.

Yes. Scary but true. On average, when people visit a typical website, 50% quit that site within 8 seconds.

That’s why it’s called ‘surfing’ the web. We arrive at a website, glance at it – and if it’s not exactly what we’re looking for, we leave.

That’s fine as a consumer.

For you and I as business owners, it’s horrific.

If half our potential customers are bailing out within 8 seconds, it’s no exaggeration to say that your business may be half the size it could be, just because of what’s happening within the first 8 seconds of people arriving at your web site.

That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news.

If you’re willing to make a few simple changes to your website, you can get your web visitors to STOP and STAY ON THE PAGE.

Here are 5 vital changes for you to make to your website as soon as possible.

1 If the top of your home page is a big picture, or even worse, rotating pictures, everyone will be gone within 8 seconds. Change it to a compelling headline – or even better, a video.

2 Because of the 8 second issue, your home page is 20 times more important than the rest of your site. All of your energy and focus should focus on that page.

3 Test adding an email opt in or form near the top of your page so people can quickly opt in and begin a relationship with you.

4 Make sure that your home page looks great on a mobile phone and put big tap to call buttons all the way down so that people can call you easily from their phone.

5 Don’t rely on your web designers to run your internet marketing. Most of them haven’t got a clue. They are called ‘designers’ for a reason. They design stuff. It’s essential that you master the topic on online marketing so that you can direct your web designers to take the actions that will make you money.

Essential Marketing Profit Strategy 2 -
Avoid The Social Media BS

Almost everything you’ve been told about social media, Facebook etc is BS. Most of it just does not work!

How many times have we been told that all you have to do is get people to ‘like’ you on Facebook and the customers and profits will follow.

Nice idea. Doesn’t work.

If you just had a Pinterest account, your customers could see what you sell and they’ll be bombarding you with orders.

Nice idea. Doesn’t work.

There ARE strategies that work on social media but you need to be really smart about implementing ones that work.

Here’s an example of a brilliant way of using social media to get more customers.

Facebook lets you upload your customer list into Facebook – and then they will serve your messages into the newsfeeds of just your customers and prospects – for Free.

How cool is that? Clear, precise social media targeting that works.

Even better, you can take that list and tell Facebook to look for customers who are just like yours – and only serve messages to them.

Facebook is a huge bonus for many smart business owners – but you’ve got to know what you’re doing.

Essential Marketing Profit Strategy 3 –
Use The Power of Email Marketing

One of the key factors in me going from being broke to running a multi million pound business was Email marketing. I now have an opt in list of 412,000 business owners across the world.

You don’t need an email list anything close to that size. But you do need to gather customers’ emails and you need to email them – frequently.

When I ask business owners how often they email their customers, I’m still shocked at how many say ‘hardly ever’ or even worse, ‘never. That’s just leaving money on the table.

So here are the 5 golden rules for you to maximise your profits from Email marketing

1 You must email your customers at least three times each week. If that seems a lot, bear in mind that most emails are not opened or read. So to your customers, it will feel more like once per week.

2 You must include an unsubscribe option in your emails so that customers can opt out if they want to.

3 If you haven’t already got one, you need an autoresponder. This is the system that lets you capture email addresses from your site and send out emails on automatic pilot, while you don’t do anything. It will even send your emails while you’re asleep or on holiday!

4 Avoid sending emails on Monday morning and Friday afternoon. They are the worst times when response is at its lowest.

5 Don’t send emails with lots of graphics and pictures in them. It’s what most companies do and it’s boring. They don’t work. Send emails with text – that look like the other 99% of email that you receive and read.

Essential Marketing Profit Strategy 4 –
Don’t Let The Mobile Revolution Destroy Your Business

I’m going to do a bit of mind reading….

Although I don’t know you personally yet, I know that you are reading this on a mobile phone.

How do I know that you’re reading this on a mobile phone?

Because I’ve designed and written this page just for people like you, on mobiles.

It’s designed to be easy to read and informative. All you have to do is read and scroll.

I go to the trouble of creating different pages and content for my customers on mobile – and you should do the same.

60% of all website traffic is now on mobile. It’s staggering and it has serious consequences for your business.

Here are the three golden rules of mobile marketing:

1 Your website must be ‘Mobile Friendly’ meaning that everything is easy to read with easy navigation.

2 If you’re in Ecommerce, it’s vital that you make your checkout process very easy on mobile. Otherwise you will see your sales plumment.

3 You need to treat mobile and computer traffic differently, with different messages and styles for each. If you advertise on Google or Facebook, you need separate campaigns for computer and mobile users.

Essential Marketing Profit Strategy 5 –
Become an Internet TV Star! The Power of Online Video

You MUST have online video on your website. But it also Must be the right type of video.

I frequently see the addition of great video on a small business website increase sales by 100% or more.

If you’ve watched people online these days, particularly on mobile, you’ll have seen how people are transfixed by video.

Going to a silent, static website these days is like going to the silent movies. Your customers will leave in droves!

Here are my top tips on how you can use video to have a major impact on your sales and take your business to the next level:

  • If you like being on video, great. But if you don’t, you don’t have to be. The best videos are often pictures and graphics edited together – with a professional voiceover reading the script.
  • Don’t put videos hosted on YouTube on your website. Links to other websites can appear at the end of your video – and even worse, your competitors can put their ads on your video!
  • Videos work brilliantly on mobile. People love watching videos on mobile. So make sure they are easy to view on a mobile phone.
  • The first 10 seconds of your video are crucial to keep people watching. You need to say something compelling – and maybe even controversial. For example one of my most successful videos starts by saying “You’re about to find out why 300,000 business owners receive my marketing tips every week, why business owners pay up to £60,000 per year to hire me – and why your web designer may well be destroying your business!”
  • Don’t just put your videos on your website. They should also be on Facebook and it’s vital that you have your own YouTube channel.

Essential Marketing Profit Strategy 6 –
Why you MUST use the Power of Google to Attract Customers 24/7

At this point, there are a couple of things you should know about me, Chris Cardell.

I have a ‘secret’ weapon that took me from being broke and financially destitute 20 years ago to know being one of the UK’s leading business success experts and trusted advisor to thousands of business owners, just like you.

This secret weapon led to me being featured on BBC, ITV, News at Ten, The Sunday Times and Sky News.

It led to 800 business owners choosing to spend £2000 to attend my annual ‘Entrepreneur Summit’ where I’m joined by distinguished business luminaries such as Duncan Bannatyne from Dragon’s Den, Karren Brady OBE from Alan Sugar’s ‘The Apprentice’ – even Sir Bob Geldof made an appearance at one of my recent Summits.

That secret weapon is ‘Google Adwords.’

Pay per Click on Google changed my life and it can do the same for you.

It is by far the number one way to get customers into your business.

It works whether you sell products or services to consumers or other business owners.

In fact, if you’re not doing Google Adwords, it’s impossible for your business to be all that it can be.

The second thing you should know about me is that I walk my talk.

Over the years I’ve spent £3.5 million of my own money advertising with Google Adwords.

I’ve also trained more people in Pay per Click than anyone in the UK.

This is all so important for you, I have a Free gift for you on the subject. More on that in a moment.

But first, the final of our 7 essential profit strategies.

Essential Marketing Profit Strategy 7 -
How to Increase Your Prices without losing Customers.

Over the 20 years that I’ve been helping business owners achieve success and create financial freedom, the biggest problem I’ve seen with thousands of Entrepreneurs is:

You’re not charging enough!

The prices you charge don’t just determine your profits. Your prices are also a reflection of how much you value yourself and what you sell.

If you don’t appreciate the value of what you sell, how on earth do you expect your customers to appreciate that value?

I’m now going to share with you the biggest and most costly, deadly myth in business.

When you grasp this – truly grasp it, you will never think about business, prices and money in the same way.

Here’s the costly, dangerous myth about business than destroy your chances of success – if you let it.

The myth is:

‘Customers make their buying decisions based primarily on price.’

Meaning that the most important thing to your customers is price and if you dare to charge more, they won’t buy.

Complete and utter B.S

And I can prove it.

In fact, I’ll prove it to you right now.

Cast your mind back to the last time you were in your nearest town or city.

If people bought stuff based primarily on price and only buying the cheapest, here’s what you would see:

Everyone would be driving the cheapest possible cars.

Everyone would be wearing the cheapest possible clothes.

The men would be wearing the cheapest watches that money can buy.

The women would be wearing the cheapest jewellery.

Everyone would be buying their food in the cheapest, low end supermarket in town.

If you asked people where they went for their last holiday, everyone would have named a low cost UK resort, because that would be the cheapest holiday available.

Get the idea?

The concept that people buy primarily on price is total and utter nonsense. But this nonsense is destroying perfectly good businesses just like yours, because business owners buy into it and are scared to increase prices.

The most successful Entrepreneurs I work with, from start ups to multi million pound businesses all implement what I call ‘Premium Pricing.’ They charge higher prices than their competition but they still dominate their market place.

How do they achieve that?

With brilliant Marketing.

If you want a good, new mobile phone there are many excellent models that are half the price of an i-phone.

So why is it the Apple store that’s full?

Because Apple understands premium pricing.

Apple understands that most people don’t buy on price (and the few that do aren’t worth dealing with)

Let’s make your business the Apple of your market place

I have a Free bonus report for you on Premium pricing.

Which brings me to………

An Extraordinary Gift For You –
And The Beginning of A Great, Long Term Relationship

If you are serious about growing your business fast - or accelerating the growth of a new business if you’re a start up, I have something very special for you.

I want a long term relationship with you.

I am very privileged to be the trusted advisor to thousands of business owners across the UK.

I have helped them achieve extraordinary results

I believe I can do the same for you.

But in business, I also believe in giving first.

So, the most important challenge you face in business is sorting out your website and internet marketing. It’s the key to the goldmine.

When you master the internet and have a superb website, you can attract customers 24/7.

Without that knowledge and understanding, it’s a constant struggle to get customers. Without enough customers, business becomes a never ending financial slog.

My flagship resource that shows you how to completely master the internet is called ‘Internet Mastery.’



It’s an in depth 6 DVD Video programme. We send you the DVDs but you also get full online access if you prefer to watch your videos online.

On your six, in depth videos, you’ll discover everything you need to succeed online. How to get traffic to your website. How to use Google effectively. How to profit from Facebook. But that’s not all. Most people are only using one or two ways to get traffic to their website. I take you through the multiple ways of bringing customers to your website.

Of course, that’s only half the game. Once people arrive at your website, you’ve got to convert them into paying customers.

On your Internet Mastery videos, I cover the vital subject of website conversion. What to say on your website. The big mistakes you must avoid. What to say. What not to say. If you’re in ecommerce, vital ecommerce strategies to increase sales.

Then we look at strategies like pay-per-click advertising. If you’re not doing it, I’ll show you how to set up a new Google Adwords account. If you are doing it, I’ll show you how to maximise your pay-per-click advertising.

We do a whole session on how to do email marketing, who to email, when to email and how to email.

We go in depth on Facebook. I show you how to use Facebook to bring in customers 24/7 and these key strategies like putting your customers into Facebook so you can reach them that way.

There’s a whole section on how to do online videos: I take you step by step through what’s required for successful online video. EVERYTHING you need for online success

Internet Mastery is your complete blueprint to sort out your website and internet marketing.

So here’s what I’m doing for you today that’s quite extraordinary.

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But as I said, I’m willing to invest in you at the beginning of our relationship together.

While you may have a successful business that can easily afford the £1000 investment, many newer businesses will also be reading this – as well as business owners under pressure from this turbulent and unpredictable economy.

If that’s you, I still want you to be able to get your hands on Internet Mastery because sorting out your website and getting customers online is the fastest way to take your business to the next level.

So here’s what I’m doing for you:

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Now not only am I giving you Internet Mastery for this extraordinary saving – but I’m going a step further.

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What does this mean?

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£1000 of FREE Bonus Gifts

I want to get your business going and growing as fast as possible.

So I also have some really special free bonus gifts for you. I

I actually have over £1,000 of free gifts I’m going to give you along with Internet Mastery

First, there’s a special FREE BONUS VIDEO I’m going to give you called Facebook Profits. It’s going to show you specifically, step by step, how to maximise your profits from Facebook. It’s going to clear up the confusion people have about Facebook so you’re really clear about what you need to do and how you can tap into the enormous power of Facebook to get more customers into your business.

Your SECOND BONUS VIDEO is called Google Pay-Per-Click Profits. That’s going to show you, particularly if you’re new to pay-per-click, how to get going and growing in this instantly. You don’t want to let another day go by without using Google to get you customers – this bonus video will show you how

I also want to give you some very special FREE bonus reports.

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There’s another bonus report I’m going to give you absolutely FREE called “7 Ways to Increase Your Prices Without Losing Customers.” People think the only way to charge more is a basic price rise….but there are 7 key ways to increase prices that you’ll get in your Free report

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A Global authority on Marketing, Chris Cardell
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Chris Cardell is widely regarded as a leading Global authority on Marketing and Internet Marketing. Over two decades, Chris Cardell has shown thousands of business owners how to grow their business, increase their profits, free up their time, transform their Internet strategy and radically shift their Entrepreneurial thinking.

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Every week, 310,000 Entrepreneurs receive Chris Cardell’s online support and advice. He has been featured extensively in national media including BBC, ITV, News at Ten and The Sunday Times

Chris Cardell is a leading authority on Marketing and trusted advisor to 300,000 business owners who receive his marketing advice online every week. Chris has been working with Entrepreneurs in the UK for two decades and has been featured on BBC, ITV, News at Ten and The Sunday Times.