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Watch This Special Message from Chris Cardell on The Number 1 Way To Get Customers Into Your Business 24/7

Here's what we'll be covering together on '30 Days To Facebook Profits'

Video Seminar One

Facebook Essentials, The Latest Big Breakthroughs and How To Set Up A Successful Campaign

  • The Big Picture – Why Facebook? Why Now
  • The Facebook Myths – How to save a fortune in time and money by avoiding the Facebook timewaster
  • Your main Facebook Marketing options
  • Pricing – How much to pay and how to get customers at very low cost
  • Introduction to Targeting
  • Creating your First Ads – A step by step Guide
  • The importance of graphics and photos in ads
  • How to write a successful ad
  • Budgeting
  • How to reach your existing customers directly on Facebook
  • The importance of lifetime budgets
  • The big advertising mistakes and how to avoid them

Video Seminar Two

Advanced Targeting and Bidding Strategies

  • How to serve Ads Directly into your Customers’ News feeds
  • Step by Step Guide to setting up News feed Ads
  • The News feed ‘Rules’ How to make sure your customers react positively to your messages
  • How to just serve ads to your best customers in Facebook
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Gender Targeting
  • Age Targeting
  • Interest Targeting
  • Targeting Consumers
  • Targeting other businesses

Video Seminar Three

Budgeting and Scheduling, Ad Manager Panel and Reporting, Video Ads, Mobile, 10 Principles for a Successful Facebook Landing Page

  • Behavioural Targeting – what it is and how to do it
  • Landing Pages – what works and what doesn’t on Facebook
  • Lead Generation on Facebook – Why it requires a unique approach
  • B2B Marketing on Facebook
  • How to integrate Facebook marketing with other forms of Marketing
  • Why Online Video MUST be part of your Facebook Strategy
  • How to use Video effectively in your Facebook marketing
  • Video Ads – The new Facebook breakthrough
  • How to maximise response from Video ads
  • The ‘other’ 50%. How to profit from Mobile ads on Facebook
  • How to get mobile traffic for next to nothing
  • Why response rates from mobile can be 10 x higher than others