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On this exclusive Video Broadcast, which you can access FREE from your home or office, Chris Cardell will be covering everything you need to know on the massive opportunities offered by the current Artificial Intelligence Revolution, including why Open AI/Chat GPT could fundamentally change elements of how you run your business.

Here’s what we’re going to cover on this very special event:

  • How Open AI/Chat GPT just revolutionised the world of business and Online Marketing
  • How you are going to be able to use the Chat GPT AI tool to revolutionise your business – from key elements of Online Marketing to Customer Service
  • How to use the Open AI tool to write your emails and other essential copy in seconds
  • The dangers and threats to your business from Artificial Intelligence
  • The race is on – Why you MUST beat your competition in the AI race and be the first in your market to use it properly
  • How to use the power of Artificial Intelligence to get large numbers of new Customers
  • PROOF – The business owners just like you who are doubling and tripling the number of customers they have using the power of Artificial Intelligence
  • Why Google’s Artificial Intelligence is your biggest opportunity to grow your business in the year ahead
  • Artificial Intelligence Profit Strategies for local businesses, B2B Companies and Ecommerce
  • Why Artificial Intelligence is your new Entrepreneurial Super Power – and the biggest breakthrough in Business for decades
  • and much more

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