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Here’s what we’ll cover at ‘Your 100% Profit Blueprint:’

  • Why every business must have a complete Sales and Marketing Funnel that incorporates the key elements of Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • The Google Revolution – How to use Google to acquire customers 24/7
  • Essential Email Marketing strategies – How to build an email list and how and when to send emails
  • The truth about Social Media – what’s working and what’s not
  • The power of Instagram for local and consumer businesses
  • The new breakthroughs at Linkedin and why Linkedin has become an essential tool for selling business to business
  • Why you must incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your business before your competitors do
  • Why your Website is not getting the results you want and how to fix it FAST
  • The three critical conversion mistakes your Website is almost certainly making that your web designer doesn’t understand
  • My 100% Profit Formula – The simple three step process that will increase your profits by a minimum 100% in 12 months or less
  • The vital importance of Premium Pricing – How to charge more than your competitors and have your customers happy to pay PLUS why you must avoid battling it out with your competitors on Price
  • Solving the People problem – My proven system for solving the recruitment crisis and building the right team to take your business to the next level
  • How to solve the drop in Online conversions that everyone is experiencing
  • Essential strategies for converting leads to buyers – and getting them to buy faster
  • The Business to Business Marketing Revolution and what it means for you
  • Essential strategies to boost sales for local businesses, consumer businesses and Ecommerce
  • and much more

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