Marketing and Advertising Strategies

You and every other entrepreneur have one thing in common: You are almost certainly sitting on untapped profits in your business. These profits exist in all the areas where you have not yet optimized and maximized the marketing strategies that will attract and keep the maximum amount of customers.

Your hidden profits can be found in the following:

  • Every brochure, letter or email you write that does not build, create or nurture a deep and outstanding relationship with your customers and clients.
  • Every letter or email that you would like to write but simply don’t get around to.
  • Every pound or dollar you spend on Advertising that does not work.
  • Every pound or dollar you spend on Advertising that does not utilise the proven techniques for improving response rates.
  • Every customer that you don’t contact on an ongoing basis to ask for repeat business.
  • Everyone who contacts you, online or offline who is never converted into a customer/client with effective Marketing.
  • Everyone who searches on Google for your products and services who doesn’t see your website show up in the results
  • Every magazine, newspaper, radio or TV station that you don’t appear on because you think PR is complicated.
  • Every person who visits your web site who you never hear from again.
  • Every week that goes by without you sending an email to your customers giving them some information of real value to them.
  • Every one of your key team members (including you) who is not trained in leading edge sales skills.
  • Every customer that you do not follow up with consistently for repeat business, with an effective Marketing communication strategy.
  • Every time you refuse to charge what you truly deserve

This list should motivate you – because every one of these areas where you are not yet performing at 100% of your potential, represents your hidden wealth – untapped assets that you can turn into extra profits immediately.

Chris Cardell

Chris Cardell is a trusted advisor to business owners across the world on Marketing, Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurial Success. He shows business owners, managers and the self-employed how to win more customers and increase their profits using Advanced Marketing, Advertising and Internet strategies.


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