Chris Cardell’s Facebook Mastery Programme

FINALLY – One Course that Ends The Facebook confusion, Gives You Everything You Need to Know About Facebook – and Turn Facebook Into a 24/7 Customer Generating Machine for Your Business…

  • The Big Picture – Why Facebook? Why Now
  • Pricing – How much to pay and how to get customers at very low cost
  • Creating your First Ads – A step by step Guide
  • How to serve Ads Directly into your Customers’ Newsfeeds
  • How to just serve ads to your best customers in Facebook
  • Ad Formats and How to Create Profitable Ads
  • Targeting, Offers and Landing Pages
  • How to integrate Facebook marketing with other forms of Marketing
  • BONUS: Linkedin Marketing – Everything you need to know
  • Plus lots, lots more…
Price: £2,000 plus VAT Click Here to Order

Internet Mastery

The Internet represents a great opportunity for any business owner to sell their products into established, emerging and new markets anywhere in the world as easily as they can sell locally. Recorded at a live seminar in London, England, Internet Mastery comes on 6 DVDs and shows you:

  • How to use Search Engine Marketing and Remarketing to drive traffic to your website
  • Easy ways to use a blog, Facebook and other social media to best effect in your business
  • The important elements in making your website stand out to visitors and keep them engaged
  • Why readability and navigation can be just as important as layout and design
  • A detailed guide to getting your emails read and not deleted
  • And much more…
Price: £1,000 plus VAT Click Here to Order

Chris Cardell's Ultimate Marketing

Ultimate Marketing is a 12 DVD set and in an in-depth guide to all aspects of marketing a small business in today's uncertain times. Based on Chris Cardell’s two decades’ work at the cutting edge of small business marketing these CDs give you:

  • A detailed look at print marketing and advertising, from traditional print-media to direct mail marketing with postcards, letters and other pieces
  • An in-depth guide to Internet marketing, including Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation
  • A fresh perspective on PR and how the small business owner can benefit from existing media outlets
  • Advanced direct marketing for both online and offline marketers
  • And much, much more…
Price: £2500 plus VAT Click Here to Order

Chris Cardell's Business Mastery

Business Mastery is a complete and in-depth business and marketing course for business owners. In it Chris Cardell covers every aspect of marketing in detail, from Internet marketing and offline advertising, to telesales and advanced direct mail strategies. Business Mastery is the culmination of his 20 years’ work with Entrepreneurs.

It comes as a 24 CD set with printed manuals of the Session handouts and transcripts. It includes:

  • A “quick start guide” to begin the process of implementing the marketing ideas we look at on the programme
  • A complete and detailed guide to Internet marketing in the 21st Century
  • In-depth analysis of how acquire new customers and clients
  • Vital tips and strategies for effective communication for Entrepreneurs
  • And much more…
Price: £2500 plus VAT Click Here to Order


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